Good Kitchen Design

We remodeled a spectacular kitchen recently in the Mt. Tabor area.  There were so many unique details, that I thought I’d share a few.

I Love how the designer stuck different materials right up next to each other on the kitchen counter-tops.

The yellow cabinets are A+. The sink on the way to the dining room was also a great idea.

Where I don’t love strawberries quite as much as the owner, the colors are warm and bright, but not so much that the kitchen isn’t comfortable – it’s very homey.

The boxed ceiling adds a classy touch. Many kitchens try to bridge the gap between classic, modern, and down-home unsuccessfully – but this Mt. Tabor residence got it perfect. This job was a pleasure to shoot and I have so much respect for both the architect, and the designer.

Don’t Try This at Home

Don’t try this at home! We’re trained professionals.

OK – technically, I’m a professional Cost Accountant, but still, I have over 20 years experience in construction & remodeling. So when an unfortunate water situation spelled out “bathroom remodel” for my own home, I had a definite advantage over most homeowners. Even so, I learned some important things about home remodelling:

  • Know your own limits. You know your budget, your tastes, and your tolerance for disruption. A designer who suggests carrara marble and stainless appliances for your farm style kitchen might not be listening to YOUR vision. If you have any doubts, talk it out with your contractor or project manager.
  • Get a second quote. Joe gets competitive bids for every trade, so I did too. Wow – was that worth the effort! Not only did it verify the pricing, it was a great double check on the work being done. Did the sub take good measurements? Did one sub overlook part of the project? Most importantly, did I express clearly what we wanted?
  • Go with a team you trust. When the plumber says “we really should move that intake to the left” or the electrician says “your light fixture is going to have to shift over to clear the waste stack” it’s not like I can draw on my vast personal plumbing and lighting experience. Fortunately, I can draw on the trust I’ve built with the Petrina team and, with full confidence, mumble “Um…ok. Sure.”
  • A good project manager is invaluable. Timelines, product selection, scheduling, and troubleshooting – they all require experience and knowledge and even a small job can fall apart without that overview and know-how (note to self: bake Gary some cookies!)

From the first contact through the final punchlist, Joe meets with every client, listening to them, working with their tastes, their timeline, and their budget. He gets competitive quotes from trusted subcontractors and puts together the perfect team for each project. The Petrina crew has decades of experience specifically in home construction and remodel to guarantee a smooth, organized project. Our office staff ensures good  communication and support throughout the project and beyond.

I’m thrilled with my new bathroom and, going through the process myself, I’m so PROUD to be a part of the Petrina Construction team.

We’re Getting Our Hands Dirty with ReFit

We’re getting our hands dirty, and we’re doing it for free:

To kick off the New Year we thought some volunteer work was in order. As a construction  company, we have a healthy amount of skilled labor that does its part to ensure a healthy functioning community. Over the years PCI has donated a lot, but the time we donate is by far the most valuable to us. This month, through a program called ReFit, we’re building a handicap ramp for a gentleman who is physically impaired. The ReFit program was designed back in ’99 (if I’m remembering that right) by an Oregon Remodeling Association member to help with access for low income handicapped people. They undertake group projects like handicap ramps, changing doors, and bathroom accessibility.

It is a pleasure to help and being that all our guys are often on different jobs, filling different hats, it’s great to get everybody working together in the same place – there’s something satisfying about building as a group. ReFit is a great program and we’re proud to support them.



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