We’re Getting Our Hands Dirty with ReFit

We’re getting our hands dirty, and we’re doing it for free:

To kick off the New Year we thought some volunteer work was in order. As a construction  company, we have a healthy amount of skilled labor that does its part to ensure a healthy functioning community. Over the years PCI has donated a lot, but the time we donate is by far the most valuable to us. This month, through a program called ReFit, we’re building a handicap ramp for a gentleman who is physically impaired. The ReFit program was designed back in ’99 (if I’m remembering that right) by an Oregon Remodeling Association member to help with access for low income handicapped people. They undertake group projects like handicap ramps, changing doors, and bathroom accessibility.

It is a pleasure to help and being that all our guys are often on different jobs, filling different hats, it’s great to get everybody working together in the same place – there’s something satisfying about building as a group. ReFit is a great program and we’re proud to support them.



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