Get the Lead Out!

One of the joys of Portland homes is the rich texture of our past: the architecture, the landscaping, the funky wall paper behind the pantry door.  Unfortunately, some of those layers of texture can contain a threat to your family’s health!

For years, Petrina Construction has been mindful of the presence of asbestos in some older homes.  We use professionally certified testing companies and abatement teams to identify and remediate any flooring, insulation, ceiling tiles, or other materials that are contaminated.

In response to new guidelines and regulations from the EPA, Petrina Construction now has a complete lead testing program.  As a Lead-Safe Certified Firm, we have employees trained in testing, safe removal, and clean-up of contaminated paint and painted materials and we work with Lead-Safe Certified painting subcontractors.  Using EPA guidelines and specialized testing, containment, and HEPA cleaning equipment, we can be sure that your remodel will not endanger your health, your family’s health, or your home’s resale potential in the future.

For more information about Lead Based paint, check out the EPA website at or call our office for a copy of the Lead Safe brochure.



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