Tammy’s Moving In!

We’ve finished the remodeling work on Kerry’s home in SW Portland, and his family has moved in.  Kerry was an employee of John Hassenberg Architects, who passed away suddenly several months ago.  You can read about our efforts to finish his home remodel here.

We’re happy to say that his family has moved into their home,  and we’re wrapping things up on site.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the efforts and donations.  Notably: Andy Davis for his help framing and coordinating,  Dietrich and Angie Wieland for their efforts organizing volunteer subcontractors, their architectural expertise, and help accessing materials,  and all the volunteers from St. Clair’s for their donations and labor.  Everyone’s empathy, prayers, and assistance went a long way.  Thank you all.  We wish Tammy and the kids the best, and hope they enjoy their new home.



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