Our Process

When you decide to remodel or build your home, you’re creating a comfortable space for your family as well as investing in the future. Petrina Construction provides full-service construction from start to finish to align with your vision for your home.
We customize our process to suit every project, but these are our essential steps:

  • Obtain building permits.
  • Coordinate with architects.
  • Weekly meetings with the owner to facilitate timely schedules, progress, and decisions.
  • Perform responsible demolition that aligns with the standards of Environmentally Conscious Recycling (ECR), which involves carefully separating materials prior to recycling. We also donate many materials to the Rebuilding Center.
  • Provide lead-based paint removal, asbestos abatement, radon remediation, and hazardous material handling as needed.
  • Coordinate with local suppliers to obtain high-quality materials.
  • Work with environmental materials, such as energy-saving LED or compact fluorescent lights, and low- or no-VOC environmental paint.
  • Work with staff carpenters and project managers to create your new or remodeled space.
  • Work with environmental technologies, such as geothermal and solar energy resources.
  • Coordinate all applicable tax credits.
  • Adhere to all city and state building codes.