Our most valuable resources are our clients, many of who have worked with us multiple times over the past three decades. Here are a few examples of what they have to say about working with Petrina Construction:

Ala Mofidi, PhD, MBA

I found Joe to be a very warm and friendly person, trustworthy, artistic, and more importantly, very flexible.

Amye and Jeff Johnson, Portland

Quality, responsibility, timeliness, problem solving, knowledgeable, trustworthiness

Alan and Cynthia King-Guffey

When people call to ask us about Joe Petrina, they can’t get us to stop talking!

Mary Kaufmann

Petrina Construction was easy to work with and responsive to any concerns.

Kenneth Melvin, PhD

Joe Petrina is the best! I first heard about him by word of mouth.


We had the pleasure of using Petrina Construction for a series of projects at our home this past year.

Richard Jenkins, MD and Linda Jenkins, MC

We would like to thank Joe and everyone at Petrina Construction for the outstanding job they did in building our new home.

Chris Bugas

Dear Joe, Dana, James, Gary, Casey, David and SarahAnn,

I am writing this as a more formal letter so that others, perhaps on your website, can read it too. It follows a rather less formal blurb I rushed off on the cell phone.

I hiked yesterday with Barbara Sch—–. Joe estimated her project literally the week he estimated this one. She thought the estimate high and sought others and eventually went with another contractor. Interstingly, it turned out that Joe’s estimate matched her final expenditure. The other person’s estimate was off considerably.

We also, in an 8 mile hike, for hours compared our experiences. I am thankful I did not have that experience and am so happy with how things have gone: so little freak of wrongness. With the many aspects of the experience, you have been what you have said you would be, you have done what you have advertised you would do. You have responded to every single thing (sometimes with reminders — but you have been killer busy). You do not evade difficult decisions. You do not ignore phone calls. You do not sideline emails. I cannot figure how such complexity works so well. And then I remember the crazy-like-a-fox genius, the open-hearted man at the top of the tightly woven family that is Petrina Inc, PCI.

I think back on the preceding year. Sometimes I wonder why you would send a PCI employee to monitor a sub doing the work. Then I saw how it is that Gary was able to elicit the work from a reluctant furnace guy who was balking at the difficulty of a task. The sub: “That is impossible!” Gary: “impossible — no. Very, very difficulty: yes”.

I had great good luck some years ago when I came over the Aitchison’s and met Joe. I asked him to stop next door and look at the area of potential change and he said ” I do see a steam room down here”. He gave me inspiration and hope that I was not crazy and that the transformation could be accomplished.

I think often of Dana when I look at the various rooms in the four floor house you remodeled. Dana made every difficult creative decision out loud trying always to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason. He arrives genuinely happy and is just so competent at so many things. There is a kindness to him. Whenever I would suggest yet another change order– he would hear me out and it would go through a process so intricate and so transparent that there were never questions about price or scope.

It took me talking to another house remodel experiencer to understand all the things that did not go wrong to fully comprehend just what a great experience this has been.

Perhaps one thing you purchase with a remodel in the many hundreds of thousands is access to Joe’s contacts, his subs. Those people were, each and every one, excellent.

I remember SarahAnn one Saturday — when I called the office — cause there was a team of asbestos abatement folks who did not know what it was their boss wanted them to do. PCI folks were traveling or otherwise unavailable but not to worry. She figured it out and had the boss of that crew there in minutes. Casey communicated from out of state when he got the call. PCI as a team just works.

Joe has always called or come by the very instant that he was available if there were questions.

I really cannot thank you enough for the past year’s work. The very last of the paint touch up was yesterday, just like you said it would be.

Thanks for changing our lives for the better. You are all total professionals. Wonderful people too.

Chris Bugas

Vicki Baldwin, West Linn

We had always wanted to have Petrina Construction do a remodel for us, but were afraid they would be too expensive.